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A Boy Learns What Fear Is Little Red Riding Hood The Fisherman and His Wife Puss In Boots The Girl Without Hands Godfather Death The Devil and His Three Golden HairsBeauty and the Beast
The Big Bad Wolf
The Big Bad Wolf
Favorite food: Sushi, when "long-pig" isn't available.
Favorite drink: Scotch on the rocks
Any bad habits: Slightly passive-aggressive
Worst day ever: The day my health insurance lapsed. Unlucky!
Marital status: Wolves mate for life. Naturally, I'm a widower.
Favorite flower: Hen and Chick
Favorite band: Meatloaf
Favorite movie: "Silence of the Lambs"
I've Never...: met a bottle of Single Malt I didn't like.
Quote: "The wolf changes his coat, but not his disposition."